Celebrating success

The highlight of my week was having my five students pass their test on Thursday! These are local staff taking a distance-learning class on immigrant and non-immigrant visas – we’ve been having weekly lessons since late-November. I’m so proud of them. We had a brief ceremony at the close of business to have a champagne toast with our department. One of my favorite students gave me a gorgeous pair of earrings that he made as a thank you gift, and I will treasure them.

After our toast, some officers and my manager stuck around for a while and opened a bottle of wine and relaxed after a busy week.

John took me out for a nice dinner at Whitehall on Wednesday. Thursday we had a happy hour with the RSO guys (regional security officers) at a nice little place across from the beach. John and I caught a new episode of “Law & Order,” which was a treat, and we watched some episodes of “Mad Men.”

Mom has had some weird things happen lately: a small airplane crashed in the field behind her house; she had some hail damage to the roof after a big storm; and a hit and run driver side-swiped her (she is OK). I hope that nothing else happens!

I talked to some members of the Bobo family on Tuesday night. Mike’s dad Ray Von is in the hospital in Dallas after bladder surgery – he is definitely on my mind this week. Ray Von and Liz were always so wonderful to me while Mike and I were in college, and Mike would take me home with him. Get well soon, Ray Von!

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