R & R

We are home in Arkansas for two weeks of R &R – it feels great to be home and the weather is gorgeous (a bit chilly). We’re mostly staying at Mom’s house in Hot Springs.

Our timing was good to be back because we were able to hit two parties for John’s 25th college reunion. We went Friday night to U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest for a family night (complete with music by the Reverburritos), then to a classmate’s house for another party on Saturday night. Photos to follow soon! It was great to see so many friends.

In between parties, we had lunch with Mary at Faded Rose on Saturday, and enjoyed looking at her pretty flowers in the yard at her house. We also met up with Brian and Kelly later that afternoon for a glass of wine at By the Glass in the Heights.

This morning, before we left Little Rock, we had a wonderful brunch with Dail and Nancy at Bravo – we sure miss getting to visit with them – they are both looking great and enjoying retirement.

The days leading up to our trip were busy. I had the duty phone, but, luckily, nothing too crazy happened. The trip to the U.S. was long – we left our apartment around 8 PM on Wednesday night and arrived in Hot Springs the next day in the afternoon, gaining eight hours en route. We figure that by the time our bodies get adjusted, it’ll be time to head back!

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