What happened?

This has been a tough week. All of a sudden, we noticed that Noodle was pretty lethargic and appeared to have lost weight. We made an appointment with a vet in El Paso, and took him on Thursday morning (we were off from work for a Mexican holiday). Since then, he has not gotten any better – he is down to 6 pounds from 9, we are force-feeding him and giving him antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. The blood work shows that his little kidneys are in trouble. For several days now, he has just been catatonic but still drinking water and using the bathroom. We are so upset and don’t really know if he is going to pull through or not this time. It just seemed to come on so quickly – just a week or two ago, he was playing and mooching for treats.

On an upbeat front, Flavia emerged from her hidey-hole in the ceiling last week with a new, playful personality! It’s really funny – she is still her skittish self, but she wants to run and play and attack the fish on a string that Dail and Nancy gave her. Before, she was more of a “watcher” and let Noodle do most of the playing.

Workwise, things are still busy – the tide of people doesn’t stop!

We watched a great movie this week, The Savages, with Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. They are siblings caring for their aging father – excellent. We also watched Charlie Wilson’s War yesterday afternoon. (Noodle moved himself from under a chair downstairs to our bedroom, which is great, because we could watch him and a movie at the same time.) Oh, and last Sunday we watched No Country for Old Men, also good. (Can you tell we are happy to have our recliner sofa and big screen TV back???)

We did have a couple of nice outings this week. Wednesday night (before the Mexican holiday), two co-workers had a party – they are leaving Juarez soon after being here for two years. They invited all of the local staff, officers, etc. and it was a really fun, big party.

Yesterday we ran over to El Paso to do our weekly shopping and ran into our co-worker and neighbor Martha. She took us out to Canutillo, a little rural town just outside of El Paso for a wonderful lunch at an out-of-the-way place, the Little Diner – fabulous gorditas.

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