We lost little Noodle this morning. His blood work last week showed his kidneys were failing – we chose to keep him at home in hospice this past week and keep him comfortable and in familiar surroundings. We kept thinking that he would pull through like he’s done so many other times before, but he couldn’t. Within the last 24 hours or so, he couldn’t walk and was just so weak, bless his little heart. He was certainly a trooper!

The vet in El Paso was really sweet and made the process bearable. We brought him home and buried him under the oleander in the corner of the yard – pretty much right where he is sitting in the photo above. He’s buried with a little eulogy we wrote for him, and with a container of his favorite treats.

He really was a great little cat, and was so happy the last few years! We sure are going to miss him.

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