Ups and downs

This past week was kind of strange with Noodle being so sick. We spent a lot of time at home with him during our three-day weekend (Monday was a Mexican holiday) – he seemed to enjoy the fresh air, so we sat outside a lot with him.

John got the grill going last Sunday, and we had Martha over for dinner. It’s great to have the grill back! Monday night, we met some work friends in El Paso for Chinese food at Sam’s – it’s sort of a sentimental favorite with some of the officers who are leaving.

Thursday I celebrated my birthday – everyone was really great at work, and John grilled me a wonderful dinner. Friday night we went to Los Bichis for seafood with Martha – she is leaving on Monday.

After our traumatic day with Noodle (see post below) on Saturday, we were able to enjoy the evening with our friends Steve and Pat Petkoff from Little Rock – Pat and I worked together, plus they were our neighbors on Saddle Hill. We had a nice dinner at Billy Crew’s, just over the border in New Mexico. It was so fun to see a familiar face and get caught up on everything back in Little Rock!

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