You say goodbye…I say hello!

Wow! The next time I blog, I’ll be doing it from Islamabad, assuming all goes according to plan! I’ve had an excellent six weeks in DC!

Friday night, Cathy and I met Jim and Dean at Circle Bistro for an excellent drinks and dinner. Jim was an A-100 classmate and is one of my very favorite people. Dean was the coordinator for our class, and besides being a fun and interesting fellow, he has 20+ years of State Department experience, so we love to pick his brain.

I also had a really fun evening with my good friend Pamela on Wednesday night. My class met at some of the consular offices downtown, so I walked up from Main State to meet Pam at her office – I got caught in an absolute downpour (“biblical,” as Pam put it). We had a great spot for drinks and dinner at the bar at Founding Farmers. They are known for their specialty cocktails, so I almost felt like we should have paid extra for the show our bartender put on all night – all kinds of wild and interesting drinks.

I think Cathy and I went out to dinner most of the other nights – I’m so glad that we were here in DC at the same time. And, it’s a small world! John and I used to go to Harry’s for dinner in the past, but alas! Harry’s closed! But, when Cathy and I went to Morton’s this week, my favorite Harry’s waiter, Ram, was the maitre d’! I was really happy to see him.

I put Cathy in her taxi Saturday morning on her way to Bengladesh! And, in another twist, our favorite shuttlebus driver from the Oakwood Falls Church (our old apartment complex) now has his taxi license, so we arranged for him to take her to the airport. Safe travels, Cathy!

I had a nice chat with my good friend Joan in San Antonio this week. She’s midway through her chemo treatment for breast cancer and is doing great – I’m so proud of her!

So…now it’s down to a waiting game for me, just waiting until my flight. Still nervous as a – well – nervous as a cat – and I won’t relax until Flavie and I are on our flight with no wrinkles. I did get her papers back from the USDA office this past week, so hopefully, all officials that we encounter en route will agree that her documentation is in order! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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