Short week


So this was a short week, since we were in Nathia Gali through Tuesday. We were off work on Wednesday, but I went in for a while to work and go to the gym. Afterward, I had a manicure/pedicure at a nice salon near our house.

Thursday night we watched a good movie, “Footnote.” It’s set in Jerusalem and is in Hebrew with subtitles – it was fun to hear some Hebrew words that we understood.

Last night, we went to a large party at Frank and Lita’s. Lita is John’s new manager. They had a fire pit set up in the front yard with lots of lawn chairs, along with a big table where folks could eat. It was a nice evening – not too hot. We came home fairly early – we’re both struggling with summer colds right now and aren’t feeling 100%.

It rained a lot last night, and is still raining a little this morning, but it will probably get steamy this afternoon!

Since not a lot has happened since my last blog entry, I’ll tell you a bit about our daily life here. We’re usually up early and head into the office. I go to the gym (very nice and big), get dressed there, then meet John and his management friends for breakfast at the cafeteria. For lunch, we’re both usually at the American Club (the restaurant on the compound), ┬ábut usually at different times and with different people.

The compound is pretty self-contained, complete with medical unit – where John and I both went this week to see the Embassy doctor and get medicine for our colds. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a college campus.

Yesterday marked my one month anniversary of my arrival here – so far, so good!

John, Nathia Gali



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