Week Two

Downtown Hot Springs

Our R&R continued this week, and we had the chance to see more family and friends.

Monday I had lunch with David and Alison while John visited with his good friend Russell up in Mount Ida. Later in the day we drove to Little Rock and visited with Mary, then had dinner with John’s former co-worker Leland and his wife at their house.

Tuesday, John went back to Mount Ida. Mom and I went with Aunt Bonnie and her caregiver to Bonnie’s doctor’s appointment, then we stopped by Walmart on the way home. Later that evening, I met up with John, Russell, his wife Kathy and daughter Heather to eat sushi – fun!

Wednesday I dropped John off in Mount Ida, then hurried to my hair appointment at Mike and Peggy’s salon. Thank goodness someone knows how to cut my curly hair! Afterward I had lunch at a really disappointing Mexican restaurant (Taco Mama’s – don’t bother if you want good service!), then some shopping. At the end of the day, I ran back up to Mount Ida to pick up John. Russell and Kathy have a great place with lots of land – and they have a menagerie! We love playing with their dogs – they have five, plus four cats and a couple of birds. The dogs are so funny – John wants to bring little Penny, the pocket beagle, home with us!

Thursday I dropped John off in Mount Ida again (I say he’s going to day care), then drove to North Little Rock to have lunch with my old friends and co-workers, Lynn and Jim. We had a ¬†great lunch together – so fun to get caught up with them.

Back in Hot Springs, I drove back to Mount Ida to get John, then Mom took us to dinner at KJ’s for a good steak – yum!

Friday we stayed in Hot Springs and ran errands all day. We had a great lunch downtown at Rolando’s – great food and service. We stayed home and watched “Prometheus” and ate pizza for dinner.

Yesterday was another fun, but busy day. We drove over to Little Rock and first stopped by Mr. Magic to say hi to Jim, John’s magician friend. We got caught up on all of the local magician gossip, then headed over to Dail and Nancy’s. Dail was in the hospital for five weeks’ worth of chemo treatment for his leukemia – thankfully he is almost in full remission! He’s lost a lot of weight and hair, but his appetite seems to be coming back: after a big plate of Whole Hog BBQ, he declared we needed to go to Izzy’s for lemon ice box pie!

With Dail and Nancy










Later in the day, we met Ann, Jim, Pamela and Ike for dinner at Star of India – delicious! So fun to see my buddies! They seem to be doing great.

With Jim, Ike, Pamela, Ann










On the way home, we stopped by Markham Street Pub to say hi to Hooper before his band started playing, then made our way back home to Hot Springs.

I’m very proud of John and me – we got a temporary membership at a gym here in town and have been going to work out every day! We get up early and head over there – it’s been a great way to start our days here.

Here are a couple of photos from Mountain Home last weekend – one with the family and another of an interesting plant/phenomena in Ginger’s yard – I can’t remember what she called it, but frost forms a neat column around the stem of the plant. The frost is pretty – up close it looks like silk ribbons.

Click for more photos from Thanksgiving and R&R.

Ginger's Frost Flower










With John's family last weekend in Mountain Home











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