Heading home

LJ and Aunt Bonnie at Garvin Gardens

We enjoyed our last few days in Arkansas before we headed back to Islamabad. The highlight of the trip was taking Mom, Aunt Bonnie, and Bonnie’s caregiver Tammy to see the holiday lights at Garvin Gardens – it was beautiful and I think we all enjoyed it. It was nice because they had golf carts available; otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do it.

John spent last Sunday getting Mom’s new computer set up. From looking over his shoulder, Windows 8 looks like a nightmare. He spent a long time trying to make it look like her old computer. He did a great job, and I think she’ll be happy with it. We celebrated by going to eat a great steak at The Porterhouse downtown – John also had a good appetizer: shrimp with avocado in a pesto sauce – yum!

We did a lot of running around shopping, and before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport on Tuesday. We lost a day coming east – we left on Tuesday afternoon, flew through Chicago and Abu Dhabi, then arrived in Islamabad Thursday morning around 4AM. My body is so confused!

Thursday and Friday we just spent around the house, sleeping at odd hours. Our good friend Rick came over Friday night after he got off work. We yakked, drank wine, had dinner and got caught up.

Saturday evening my friend Kelly, my counterpart in Karachi, came to town for consultations. She’s staying with us (our first houseguest!). We went to the Polo Lounge for a good dinner – such a nice atmosphere. The weather has gotten chilly here – since the Polo Lounge is basically outside, they have those nice big heaters set up. (John was disappointed in the weather in Arkansas – unseasonably warm and no need for the jackets we brought! He’s happy to be back in cooler weather – we’ve even turned on the heat in the house.)

Flavia was sure glad to see us! Our housekeeper Saleem came by every day to feed her, so she was fine. At first, she hid under a chair and cried, then she finally came out and hasn’t gotten off my lap since! She’s so cute, and I think she’s really glad we’re home!

Here are some parting shots from Hot Springs. Click for all of our R&R photos.

Koi pond at Garvin Gardens (with duck in background)














Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs










Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs










The old Malco Theater, for sale











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