Festive week

Brewery workers with stacks of beer in background

The highlight of the week was a fun trip to Murree Brewery that our Community Liaison Office (CLO) put together. It’s the only brewery in Pakistan – they make beer and whiskey, among other things. We got to sample their wares and tour the brewery. They were great hosts, and we had a fun time. We had Jim, Kellee, Rick and his girlfriend Amy (visiting from Jerusalem) and John and me in our van going out there – it’s also just fun to get out and see different parts of the city.

Boy with pick working on the brewery grounds














When we got back, we all went over to Jim and Kellee’s and sat on their rooftop for pizza and drinks, bundling up in blankets and listening to the call for prayer from the nearby mosque.

Tuesday night I ventured out on my own to attend a slide show presentation by a woman who had climbed Everest in 2009. I’ve always been fascinated by Everest since I read Jon Krakauer’s book, “Into Thin Air.” She was very interesting and had some great photos – I was glad I went, not that I ever plan to climb Everest!

Wednesday after work, John and I met Rick, Petit and Howard at the Club and had a fun happy hour together – it’s so nice to have them here.

We went back to the club on Friday for happy hour – it was quite festive. Some of the Mission employees have formed a band and they played. Lots of folks were there, and it was a great way to end the week.

Here are a couple more photos from the brewery trip. Click to see more photos.

John in the whiskey cellar












Rick with cigar during our whiskey tasting



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