Easing into the new year

This week was pretty quiet and routine. I made it to the gym most every day after work, which is a big accomplishment for me! Most nights John and I watched an episode of “Justified,” which was a lot of fun. It’s chilly here, although many days are sunny enough to sit outside for lunch. Our house is cold, though – tile floors and high ceilings, so we’ve pulled out the electric blanket. Like in the summer when we can’t run the air conditioner all over the house, we only heat the rooms we are in – which is fine, but just a difference from the luxury of central heat!

Last Sunday John and I went to the office to get caught up on some things. The week pretty much just rolled along as usual until Friday – John and I went to happy hour at the club, then he and Rick and I tried a new restaurant, Majjliss. The food was pretty good – the only downside is that people were smoking like crazy inside. It’s so weird, after so many years of smoke-free restaurants in the U.S.

Saturday was a lot of fun. I worked in the morning, so a high-level guy could fly out, and I also got a student’s visa out the door – he was very happy. At noon, John, Rick and I left to go to the Polo Lounge for lunch with Laura, Scott and Michael. Although it was chilly and had been raining, it cleared up and we were cozy in our tent with outdoor heaters. We had a great lunch, then everyone came over to play board games all afternoon. It was so much fun just to hang out around the dining room table and yak and have fun. We had some more snacks, and Michael made homemade bread pudding that was delicious!

Happy birthday to Ginger this week! Someone just posted this old newspaper clipping showing the delegates to Boys’ State – check out John on the front row.

John in high school (front row left)


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