Rain, rain go away

Two of our pretty local staff with Paco's "The Party"

Wow – we had three straight days of rain  here starting last Sunday, complete with thunder and lightening – I heard we got 8″! It was pretty amazing. Then, on Wednesday, it was an absolutely gorgeous day like nothing had happened!

Last Sunday we went to a going-away party for one of the NIV officers in my section. Afterward we went to a small dinner party hosted by our friends Edward and Catherine. They cooked a delicious duck.

Monday night Rick came over and we ordered in pizza – pepperoni, although it’s beef, not pork, of course!

Thursday night we watched a real tear-jerker movie, “Quill, the Life of a Guide Dog.” It was such a sweet movie and John and I both just cried and cried!

Friday afternoon, we had our NIV staff meeting at the American Club –  a nice way to end the week. From there I went to Carla’s office, then we all headed over to Frank and Lita’s to sit outside and enjoy a fire and unwind. Relaxing.

Saturday I went in to print some visas so folks could make flights this weekend, and then went to for a mani-pedi and massage – so nice. Rick came over later and we went to eat sushi – we had a really enjoyable evening.

Below are two photos that were taken at our house a couple of weeks ago when we hosted a farewell party for one of the local staff – we love the fire pit!



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