Time for another vacation yet?

We were unceremoniously thrown back into work this week – can I go back to Indonesia, please?

I was happy to see that my back-up handled pretty much everything while I was gone – so nice to come back and not have fires to put out. That said, it is the season for employee evaluation reports (EER), so I was busy proofing reports for review panels and writing EERs for staff. The week flew by, and I spent all day Saturday and half of today (Sunday) trying to catch up.

We have two new officers starting work on Monday, so that’s exciting. It will be fun getting them settled and trained. Since most folks just sign up for one year here, there are lots of comings and goings.

Something bloomed recently that my allergies don’t like, so I’m a little sniffly. The upside is that the gardens look beautiful all over town!

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