Playing games

Doing magic with his employees

John’s procurement team took us out to dinner Friday night, and John finally revealed his magician skills to them (Muslims aren’t big on magicians). They were thoroughly delighted. We had a nice time and they gave us a lovely teapot, sugar and creamer handmade from Multan. Sweet!

Before dinner we stopped by a going-away party for my good friend Michael. He and Scott are my “work husbands” and I’m sure going to miss him. He has another week to go.

Last Sunday we went to a fun cookout on Howie and Petit’s roof. It was a little different crowd and interesting to meet some new folks.

We were really sad to say bye to Jim and Kellee this week. They are heading off to learn German, then on to Vienna. We went to their house Tuesday night to pick up a grill they gave us. Wednesday was their last day in the office, and the usual suspects celebrated at lunch at the French Club. We were able to get the six of us from our A-100 class together for the photo below on the “jingle mule” at the Embassy. I’ve had so much fun shopping with Kellee and drinking on their rooftop overlooking Faisal Mosque and listening to the call to prayer. I look forward to meeting up with them in the future.


Rob, John, Joe, Me, Kellee and Carolyn










I worked yesterday, still trying to figure out the new system. Last night we hosted some of the folks John works with for another burger and brauts cookout – lots of fun. Lita has been John’s manager the past year, and they’ve hosted some great parties at their house.

Frank and Ma'am Lita










Today we started the day with massages. Afterward, I made a quick run to the Afghan Bakery. They have lovely bread and homemade crackers, plus fresh buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese and yogurt – yum! And I bought lovely bunch of sunflowers. Next we were off to a lovely brunch with a nice couple from the Embassy. Everything was homemade and delicious: yogurt, granola, bread, quiche, quinoa salad, and chocolate chip cookies. Excellent!

After brunch we came home to host a games afternoon. While the guys were playing Settlers of Catan, I had an in-home manicure/pedicure that was quite nice

In our spare time this week, we continued watching Season Three of “Game of Thrones” – fun!


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