Tea pot, truck art style

Well, there’s not much to report this week. I’m in the countdown for re-taking my Spanish test, so I have tried to stay home and study as much as possible. I had sessions with my tutor Wednesday night and Saturday morning.

I went to an interesting brown bag lunch this week at the Embassy where a couple had a slideshow about their travels to Burma. John and I had looked at going there for our next R&R, but the weather will just be too hot. It looks like a beautiful place with lots of temples.

We also had ┬ámeeting for mid-level officers at the DCM’s house on Thursday after work. It was fun to see some of our friends and colleagues and visit with them.

Friday after work I went to the IT happy hour for a while, then came home for dinner with John.

Saturday I skipped my photography class so I could concentrate on studying. It was sort of an overcast day anyway, so it was nice to just stay home. Last night we ordered pizza and watched the newest Woody Allen movie, “Blue Jasmine.” I thought Cate Blanchett’s acting was incredible.

Today I’ve stayed in and studied while doing laundry – then made a quick trip to the grocery store.

We had some bad news about the Embassy cats this week. One little kitten died of distemper, so now we are on a campaign to get them all vaccinated against it – we had just been getting them rabies shots when they get sterilized. Luckily we have an energetic Marine who has been taking them to the vet, bless her heart. And a couple have had different kinds of respiratory infections. As it stands now, we have one with a serious infection in her lungs at the vet – I hope she pulls through.

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