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It’s starting to sink in that our departure will be here before we know it! We’ve already started processing our transfer schedule paperwork. I know that time is going to fly by from this point forward. In the remaining months, I need to fit in all the things I’ve been putting off, namely shopping for those have-to-have things and spending lots of time with friends.

Thwarting my desire to goof off was an onslaught of work this week. Lots of special projects that DC needs answers on, a trip with our CG to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs one afternoon, and then just our regular workload. I also serve on a review panel for employee evaluations – ’tis the season – and have been reviewing several of those every couple of days. I went in Saturday to try to get a little bit caught up but I’m not sure I made much of a dent in it all! Doesn’t the USG understand that I have shopping to do?

In spite of work, we did manage to spend time with friends this week. Last Sunday after a trip to the spa, we had game day at our house with Christy, Joe, Shelly and Keith. Christy made me a delicious almond cake with sprinkles on top to celebrate passing the Spanish exam – so sweet of her (pun intended)!

Thursday was Pakistan Labor Day, so we were off. I used the opportunity to try to get caught up on a few things and go for my usual gym workout, then headed to Keith and Shelly’s for another game day. I usually don’t play, but enjoy hanging out with everyone while flipping through magazines. Keith and Shelly also have a cute dog that I played with.

Yesterday late afternoon John and I spent a couple of hours with our good friends (and my co-workers) Brad and Mike. Brad is just back from his R&R, so it was fun to get to catch up before the crush of our work hits us on Monday.

Monday was Will’s last day in the consular section, so we had a nice group lunch with the local staff and ice cream in the afternoon for the whole section. He’s been a great officer and I hate to lose him.

John and I have had fun this week in the evenings catching up on “Mad Men” and “The Americans.”

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