Settling in a bit

Ocean view from our apartment

The week was crazy busy. I went to the gym at the embassy last Sunday then worked the afternoon. There’s so much to be done and it’s pretty overwhelming, but I have good officers in the section which makes things easier.

Our neighbor Sujoya had us downstairs to her apartment for drinks last Sunday evening, along with a co-worker Selim. We had a good time yakking and ended up having pizza delivered. She also came up Friday night to visit, and she’s loaning us her car for a couple of weeks – so nice of her.

We took the car to the grocery store yesterday. It’s nearby and was my first time behind the wheel here. It was fine, but there are lots of potholes, little things like tuk-tuks they call kay-kays, and no traffic signs or signals.

We attended the Ambassador’s annual holiday tea Tuesday morning where we met a lot of Liberian officials – John met the President, a former soccer star. The residence is right on the ocean with a beautiful view.

We went to the gym on the OEC for the first time yesterday morning. I’ve neglected my physical therapy and am dismayed at my walking (very limpy) so I am trying to get back to my good habits now that we’re a bit more settled.

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