Round Two

We had another evacuation flight this week, much bigger this time. We had a pretty good operation going, getting the paperwork processed on Monday and Tuesday. It wasn’t without problems though, including long delays related to refueling. John and I thought we’d be home by 10PM, but it was 2AM instead. I took Thursday off to recuperate a bit, which was nice.

Our good friend Tammy was sent from DC to Peru to work on the evacuations down there. It’s fun seeing my friends doing the same thing all over the world. This is truly unprecedented.

John did a coffee roasting demo for two friends this morning (Saturday) while I went to work. I’m blogging today because tomorrow  the consular section will be running full tilt trying to get paperwork processed for another flight, should we get one next week.

When we have a few minutes, we’re sneaking in a few episodes of “Ozark” season three!

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