Still rainy


We’re still getting rains, which we continue to enjoy. I love waking up to hear it, and most often it has stopped before I need to go to work. Yesterday afternoon we had a big thunderstorm in the afternoon, which was a little odd. I was on a video chat with Ann and Pam, and they could even hear it.

We had a great visit with lots to talk about. Pam got a new puppy, so we got to meet her. Pam also has another big change afoot, but we’ll wait to talk about that when it happens. And of course we had to dissect the President being diagnosed with COVID-19 after months of denying its existence or seriousness. I also called Mary to see if she’s a grandmother yet – but nope, still waiting!

I went to the office and worked all day on a messy adoption case, and also did a grocery run for Matthew, the new consular officer who’s still in quarantine. We finished the diversity visas (as many as we could under the court order), and one of the entry-level consular officers who had been on authorized departure for almost six months got out of quarantine and returned to the office.

John and I have been watching a new Nordic crime show called “Wisting” that we are enjoying, and we’re in season 10 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which still makes us laugh.

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