Socializing a bit

Flavia enjoying the sun in her favorite spot

I continued catching up with friends in person and via video chat, starting last Monday – a federal holiday for us. I had a great visit with Pam in Toronto and a whopping two-hour chat with my former boss in Pakistan, Nomi, who’s now in Tijuana. Yesterday I had my biweekly call with Pam, Ann, and Jackie in Little Rock, and also talked to David and Alison. And, I had a call with an officer and his wife coming from Montenegro who’re interested in coming here for his next post – a referral from my cousin Chris, who’s the #2 in Montenegro.

Friday night we had a lovely dinner on the veranda at the Ambassador’s house with Alyson, Rick, Matt, and the owner of the Mamba Point Hotel, a colorful fellow who’s been here since 1984 and is full of interesting stories. Last night we went to Stephanie and Justin’s for Indian food and Catan. They took us up on the roof of their building for sundowners – what an incredible view!

This was the first week in the office for our wonderful new local staff ACS assistant (the wife of an officer) and the new immigrant visa chief. It’s so nice to have a full complement of officers back, and to start replenishing our local staff positions after all these months.


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