Off to a rocky start

Hopes of a drama-free 2021 were dashed with the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. It was hard to turn off CNN and finally go to bed, unsure of what we would wake up to the next day. I hope we can weather the storm.

Our new ambassador arrived this week, and we had our first country team meeting (virtually), so 2021 will be different in that regard. We have so enjoyed working for the Charge the past year, but it will be good to have an ambassador back in the country.

I had a fun video chat with David and Alison from the new condo this week – they go over to check on things every so often. My good friend Pamela gave us a bed, mattress/box springs, and a highboy, so we arranged to have that moved from her house this week – the previous owner left a lot of furnishings but one bedroom was empty so we appreciated Pam’s generosity. I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to buy and what I already have duplicates of that I can take when we eventually get to go see it in person!

Winter view


Flavie enjoying the sun

Apple pie – a gift from a friend! Snowflake design top crust!

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