Some fun!

Yesterday I stopped by the art show at the expo center next to the embassy – there were a couple of hundred artists there with booths and I saw some fun stuff. Lots of people were there – Argentines seem to come out in force for events!

Friday night, John and I met some work colleagues for happy hour – it was fun to see Kat back from leave, as I hadn’t seen her for several years; her husband Jamie is our A-100 friend. Lea was there, plus I met new people. It’s truly a small world — I learned that the great uncle of Ben (who works in the Ag section) was the president of Hendrix College during my first couple of years on campus, Roy B. Shilling. He had asked where John and I were from, and when I said “Arkansas,” he said his great-uncle had been president of “a small liberal arts college called Hendrix“ a long time ago. I guessed, “Roy B???” Yep! We both had a good laugh!

Work continues to be busy. We had a “Super Saturday” yesterday, so I worked all day. Our wait times are long for tourist visas since Buenos Aires was shut down for so long during the pandemic – it’s a bear trying to work through it all.

Here are a few more photos from the art show.

Artist Liliana Martinez on the right
My vote for Best in Show – metal sculpture with glass
Artist Gaby Perez

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