It’s supposed to be spring, but the days have alternated between warm/sunny and cold/windy! Today was beautiful – John and I walked to Cafe Mushugein for a yummy brunch.

Cafe Mushugein open kitchen

We came back home but it was too pretty to stay inside. I hopped into a taxi for San Telmo and hit the antiques fair – a hopping place on Sunday afternoon. Afterward I met John for a drink across the street at Invernadero with Maura and Ben, and their cute baby Magnolia. It was a gorgeous afternoon.

Lea and I had a couple of outings this week – last week we went to a fancy Japanese-Peruvian place for sushi, and this week we went to the Evita Museum, followed by lunch in the courtyard there. I had forgotten everything I’ve read about Eva Duarte Peron, so I read a biography of her yesterday and today – so interesting. (I also finished “The Colony” and re-read “Under the Banner of Heaven.”)

Gorgeous dress
Kitchen from Evita’s benevolent society – with odd fake pieces of meat on the grill

Thursday the Ambassador sponsored “choripan day” – sausages (on buns) on the grill outside the embassy. Big fun and delicious.

And big news! My Honda arrived! I can’t drive it until I get my license plates, but she’s in country safe and sound!

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