Happy Thanksgiving!

With Robert and Della at Thanksgiving

Our classmate Mary and her husband Tony (a great cook) invited several folks from our class to Thanksgiving dinner at their house – we had a wonderful meal and a good time. It was really sweet of Mary and Tony to share their holiday with us! We also played a few rounds of Catchphrase, which is a pretty fun game.

We went to school on Friday; my regular class didn’t meet, but I joined another class for the day. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key – we went out to lunch Saturday and ran errands, then we watched Grizzly Man (rather odd – not sure I’d recommend it).

Wednesday was a fun day in Spanish class. Our teacher, Giovanni, brought lunch for us: delicious salte̱as from a Bolivian bakery nearby (so good that I found the bakery myself on Saturday Рcould be dangerous!). We also adjusted our schedule so we could leave early, which was great. The weather here that afternoon was crazy Рalmost 70 degrees!

Last Sunday, Mary and Ander went to the Spy Museum and did some other sightseeing, then we went to Harry’s for dinner. It was so wonderful to see them!

Mary and Ander at the Spy Museum (Mary’s talking into her lapel)

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