More friends

August 18th, 2019

We started off the week with a delightful visit from Scott, Laura, and their three-year-old Hazel, whom we had never met before – she’s adorable and loved John’s balloon animals. Scott stayed all day playing board games with John. John had another board game night with Marcus on Thursday – he’s so happy to get to play some of his games, since I am not a particularly enthusiastic partner.

My A-100 friend Sarah brought me lunch on Wednesday, and I really enjoyed catching up with her. It’s the first time I’ve seen her without a lot of other people around, so it was especially nice!

John has been cooking up a storm – osso bucco, salmon, short ribs, chicken with fennel and sun-dried tomatoes – amazing!

I cut back on my work hours slightly – on PT days, I’m cutting back to five hours instead of eight – it was just making me too tired. I think the rest of my body is starting to rebel against the extra work it has to do to make up for my left leg!

Thanks to Joan for sending me a puzzle this week!


August 11th, 2019

Storm rolling in this week

115 was my happy number this week at physical therapy…a little more bend in the knee than the week before – progress!

The consular chief from Santiago was in town this week, and came for coffee Monday morning. I’m glad our apartment is downtown, so I can still meet people face-to-face to talk.

Friday my sweet friend Tammy came for a glass of wine after work – she is always a tonic and makes me laugh! And she brought me a lovely ristra from a recent trip to New Mexico (and piñon coffee for John!). I also had a nice phone chat with Joan in San Antonio – always fun to catch up!

I started binging on “Orange is the New Black” this week – I had started it a couple of years ago, but fizzled out with it. I’m enjoying it so far. I watched several episodes yesterday while John was playing board games with our friend Marcus, who we first met in Pakistan.

John and I went old school this week, and watched “All the President’s Men” (he’s been reading a lot about the 1972 election) and “Blood Simple” – classics!

Back in the Saddle

August 4th, 2019

I was pleased with therapy this week, and was able to make full revolutions on the bike, albeit with the seat up high! I’ve moved my “office” from the bed to the dining table, so I’m sitting up most of the day. An evaluation in therapy last week measured me bending to 106 degrees – I want to get to at least 120 (normal is 150). Little by little.

My old boss Pete came over for lunch on Thursday – it was great to see him. The rest of the week was busy with work – I’m so lucky to be able to work from home.

My talented mother-in-law took one of my Alaska photos and turned it into artwork for a note card! Neat!

By Ginger!

A little progress

July 28th, 2019

The highlight of the week was John receiving an award at work this week – good job! Speaking of work, our future boss in Monrovia happened to be in town and came over for coffee with the two of us. It was good to meet her in person, since we’ve just either talked on the phone or emailed – she is very nice and understanding of the situation.

John went to see a fun comedian/magician last night – wish I could have gone. He had a blast.

John at the magic show

Julie came to visit this week (she used to be in La Paz), as well as Yomaris (formerly in Belize) – always great to have company.

We watched “Vice” this week (very cleverly done), as well as “The Men Who Watch Goats” and an old Meryl Streep, “The Still of the Night.”

The Boat Company sent us some photos taken during vacation, and it included this great one of John and his fish!



I made a little progress at therapy this week, getting my knee to bend to ninety degrees. Slowly but surely!

Hot, hot summer

July 21st, 2019


Side view of my plates – latest X-ray 

One good thing about having this bum leg is staying inside all day during this heat wave, except for my short forays to physical therapy. Work was particularly busy this week, too (who knew teleworking could be so engaging?).

I had more good friends stop by! Berenice was here last Sunday morning for coffee, en route to Islamabad; Karen from Asunción came over Monday after work on her way to Guyana; my friend and manager Angela came Friday after work; and yesterday morning Scott and Kelly brought homemade muffins and joined us for coffee – they’re in town to deliver their baby in a few weeks. It’s great to see everyone.

My cousin David had a successful surgery down in Houston this week – I’m so happy it went well and he’s recovering. He’ll be in the hospital another week or so.

John and I watched the documentary about Apollo 11 last night in honor of the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon. This morning we watched “Apollo 13,” another incredible story. I wish we could go see the Apollo tribute at the Washington monument. We also watched an interesting documentary about Scottish wild cats (who knew?), and a movie about the failed presidential run of Gary Hart back in the day. I finished a booked called “The Secretary” that John picked up for me at the library.

My sweet friend Wendy sent me these delicious covered Oreos that we’ve been enjoying this week! They actually went to the hospital in Seattle first, and were forwarded here – and they’re still good!