Settling in

Full moon over Tel Aviv

We’re feeling more at home here each day. We got our air freight this week, so we have a few more things to make us comfortable  (Flavie was glad to get her scratching post).  We got our DVD player, so were able to watch some episodes of “Fringe” this week. We took the car out for a spin last Sunday – thank goodness for GPS! We didn’t find the grocery stores we were looking for, but it was a fun adventure.

Last Friday night, we went for a walk on the beach promenade in the early evening. It was a beautiful night for a walk. We ended up stopping for dinner at LaLa-land on the beach. The restaurant’s cat was curled up in the chair next to me the whole time we ate. She didn’t pay any attention to us, until the end of our meal when I started feeding her shrimp.

We’re getting more in the swing of things at work, too. Interviews are getting more routine, and we’re getting involved in several extra projects. We stayed late on Wednesday evening for a “Women in Diplomacy” presentation – it was interesting to hear about the careers of three women in the Foreign Service.

Friday night, we walked up to an Italian restaurant called “Cantina” for a nice dinner with Emily and Dave. Emily works with us in the Consular section, and Dave is a fun and interesting editor/writer.

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