Happy birthday to John!

Jaffo cat

We celebrated John’s birthday on Friday –  I had cupcakes delivered for the NIV section – quite the hit! We continued our celebration that night with a very nice dinner out at Kimmel.  John had a steak; I finally had lamb, and the best eggplant (stuffed with cheese and pesto) I’ve ever had. It was a good day.

This morning, we walked down the beach to the old port city of Jaffo. The views were beautiful. It’s known for its flea market and antique/junk stores. Again, it’s odd, because there will be a junk store next to a high-end clothing store. When we walked back up the beach, we stopped at Manta Ray for brunch. I continued to the Carmel Market up the street to get some vegetables. It’s a beautiful day – sunny, but not too hot. Click for a few more photos of Jaffo.

The rest of the week was very busy at work; in addition to all of the visa applicants, we have a lot of extra projects to work on.

Odd bird we saw on the way to Jaffo

View from Jaffo

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