Old friends

Patty, Jimmy, Mary (with baby Will), Billy, John and Dave

Yesterday John and I drove to Jerusalem to visit with some of our friends. Dave and Mary, from our A-100 class, are both there, along with another friend from DC, Bill. We went to Mary’s apartment first to see her family – she and husband Jimmy had a baby in November and I hadn’t met him yet. What a cutie! Then we all met Dave and Bill downtown at a Middle Eastern restaurant for a leisurely lunch.

It was great to sit and talk with old friends – I guess “old” is relative, since we all just met in 2007! At any rate, it was a very pleasant and comfortable afternoon.

Last Sunday, Petite and I made a pilgrimage to the Hetzi Hinam grocery store – it’s the closest thing to an American-style grocery store here and I love it.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I fought a cold several days, so just took it easy.

Thursday, some folks from Jerusalem (including Dave and another A-100 classmate Liz) came over to our offices for meetings.

John and I went to a new place that we like called Whitehall. They played really good music (including Steely Dan, JT, etc.) and it was just a fun atmosphere.

We watched several movies this week: Suddenly Last Summer, Inception (I don’t get it), and I am Love with Tilda Swinton.

We’re off today for Martin Luther King Day – a good day to relax!

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