New faces

This week we welcomed two new folks to the Consular section: our new Consul General and a TDY’er who came to help us in ACS for a month. I’m especially grateful for the TDY help – as an added bonus, she normally works in American Citizen Services back in Washington, so I am learning a lot from her when it comes to child abduction, welfare and whereabouts calls, etc.

I’ve had several phone calls this week along these lines. It’s always, um, interesting what people think the US Embassy can do for them or their children. I spent a couple of hours last Sunday on phone calls with the duty officer and our consular agent, trying to help a young American citizen who got himself in a bit of hot water with local police.

John and I made it to Whitehall one night this week for a nice dinner; otherwise, he has been getting home fairly late.

Thursday I went with my boss to have lunch with two delightful women from the German Embassy. I was sort of dreading a “business lunch,” but I ended up really enjoying myself. It was a nice change from my typical eat-at-my-desk tuna salad!

Friday we had a happy hour at work with the officers and new CG – always a good way to end the week.

Saturday night, John and I went to a going away party for a friend from Post. It was fun, and we enjoyed the full moon and cooler temps walking there and back.

We watched a good movie this week, “Conviction,” with Hillary Swank.

John is loving his job. This week he went with the Ambassador to see a joint US-Israel military project south of Tel Aviv near the Gaza border – he had a blast (no pun intended). See the photo below! Click here for a video about the visit – the first couple of minutes are in Hebrew, then he switches to English.

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