This and that

Another busy, but fun, week.

Last Sunday, we met a group of friends for brunch in Neve Tzedek, including several people who work for other diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv. It was put together by our friend Lea, who somehow seems to know everyone in town and who decided her friends should meet each other.

Earlier that morning, I spent three hours sitting on the roof of the Embassy while several maintenance workers made repairs. Due to security, local staff has to have an American escort in certain areas of the building, so I drew the short straw to work Sunday morning – it actually wasn’t too bad because it was early and I had a good book to read and an ocean view!

John had an interesting trip with the Ambassador this week. On Tuesday, they went to visit people who had been injured in the weekend’s rocket attacks, and visited a yeshiva in Ashdod that had been hit.

Thursday evening after work, I met an Israeli friend, Merav, for a drink. She brought her puppy Teddy, who is in training to be a seeing-eye dog. Merav is fun and interesting, and Teddy is precious. Click to see Teddy playing with Merav’s cat.

Friday was an administrative day at work, so we didn’t take appointments from the public. It’s a welcome day when we can get caught up on paperwork. The week was extremely busy with odd cases.

Friday night we had a great dinner with Howie and Petit, who we haven’t seen since she returned from her trip home to Mexico. It was wonderful to catch up!

We took it easy yesterday and just stayed in to read and watch movies. We watched “Another Year” and “The Adjustment Bureau,” both good.

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