Friends in town

Another good busy week. The highlight of our week was having our friends Billy and Debbie come to visit this weekend. They arrived late Saturday and head out tomorrow morning. We visited with them on Saturday night, and had a great breakfast at Benedict’s this morning.

While they walked around town in the late afternoon, John and I went to the Newcomer’s Fair at the Rec Center. We were there to get the word out about John’s book club and had a good time visiting with folks.

Afterwards we came back and had dinner with Debbie and Billy at Mitzada across from the beach – good food and a good atmosphere.

On Saturday, John and I finished watching “Wall Street” and its sequel – it was fun to see the dated “Wall Street” from the 90s. Afterwards, I spent the next 10 hours, until 2 AM, working on getting an emergency message out to U.S. citizens. Bye bye Saturday!

Last Tuesday we were invited to the Ambassador’s residence for an outdoor world music concert – beautiful night and interesting music. The guest star was Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary.

Friday night we had a good dinner with Ben and Jen at Cafe Nana in Neve Tzedek – pretty place.

We also watched “The King’s Speech” this week – excellent movie!

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