On the road!

We started our trek to Ciudad Juarez early Thursday morning, me with the cats in tow in the Volvo and John in his new truck, both of us packed to the gills. We planned to just drive to Nashville, but we started hearing weather forecasts of snow in Arkansas, so we pressed on to Hot Springs, arriving after midnight in snow flurries.

The cats did great in the car! Noodle slept in the floorboard most of the time, and Flavia, who had had a little bit of a tranquilizer, spent most of her time in her kennel.

We spent the weekend at Mom’s (with only a little snow). It was great to see family and friends! We saw Mary, and also had dinner with Dail and Nancy. I also went out to visit Gusta and Gilbert. John’s parents Pete and Ginger drove down Sunday and had lunch with us and cousin Alison.

Before we left DC, we went to a good production of Macbeth at the Folger Shakespeare Library. I had dinner Monday night with our neighbor Deb, and Tuesday we went to Lebanese Taverna with our good friend Della who was in town from Santo Domingo. Our last night we went to have Vietnamese food.

It’s Monday morning and we are loading up the cars and cats to continue on. We plan to arrive in Juarez mid-day Wednesday!

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