Back to the routine

Flavie loves to climb on her tree!

This week seemed almost boring after all of our excitement and travels from last week! It’s also nice, though, to get back into a routine.

On Wednesday, we met our friend Jeff for drinks after work – he is heading to Manila for his next assignment. He was a charter member of John’s book club, and was a great contributor to the club – we’ll miss him.

Thursday evening, we attended a premiere of a documentary about Theodor Hertzl at the Ambassador’s residence. It was interesting – he is considered the father of Zionism and worked for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Yesterday, John and I volunteered to work at the annual holiday bazaar – he made balloon animals for the kids (a big hit!) and I worked at the refreshments table. On the way home, I was thrilled to stop at a full-service grocery store and load up the car with groceries!

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