December already?

Tel Aviv Bicycle

It’s hard to believe we are almost two weeks into December. Aside from a few rainy days, the weather here is still gorgeous. I went out this morning for a manicure and to do some shopping and almost got hot in my sweater before I got home. It was a beautiful day.

Last Sunday, I felt a little bit more ┬álike it was fall or winter because we went to a chili party – yum! I had a delicious bowl of chili that the hostess said was made with ground beef and Pace picante sauce. It was yummy.

After the party, John and I watched a National Geographic movie, “Arctic Tale,” a beautiful movie that chronicled the life of polar bears and walruses in the Arctic.

Tuesday after work, we rode the shuttle to Jerusalem to meet the Assistant Secretary for our regional bureau, a very personable fellow. The reception was held in the Consul General’s residence, which is really old and beautiful.

I was glad to have my boss return to work on Wednesday – he had been on vacation for a week or so. He arrived in Israel in August, and I am really enjoying working for him. He’s smart, does things by the book and is super-nice, to boot!

Yesterday morning John did a coffee roasting demo for Emily, a friend of ours. Afterwards we had an omelette and talked for a while. Last night, we went out to dinner with Howard and Petite – always good to visit with them.


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