Windy and dusty

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous since we arrived Рsunny, in the 70s. Every now and then, though, the winds kick in and bring dust storms, like this past Wednesday. We had an admin day at work, followed by a volleyball tournament outside Рthe players really had a challenge fighting the elements! We stood outside to watch and eat a hot dog, and were covered in dust by the time we got home!

We’ve tried a few new restaurants this week. Last Sunday we went to lunch with some co-workers at Barriga’s, a local Mexican food chain that we had been wanting to try. It was very good, plus we had fun spending Sunday afternoon having a drink and visiting. John took me out for a nice steak dinner at Montana’s one night, and we celebrated Friday afternoon with lunch with our co-workers at a local Mexican restaurant that was quite good.

On Monday night, we went to Whitney and Ali’s house to watch the Final Four championship – what a great game!

The week at work was pretty interesting. We learned some about fraudulent documents, and have successfully caught a few applicants with them. We also had a video conference on Mexican gangs – they love tattoos. Luckily, I haven’t had any at my window that I know of.

Below is a¬†photo of Flavia. After several years of using this kitty condominium for a scratching post, she finally decided it was OK to get inside it. She seems to be getting more used to our new home, and she’s playing more. She’s such a cutie!

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