Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning Sea of Galilee

Merry Christmas, everyone! It’s such an odd feeling since Israel by nature doesn’t celebrate Christmas. The weather is still pretty warm, people are still playing in the ocean and walking on the beach and the sun is shining – hard to believe that family and friends are bundled up back home!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in the Galil – we stayed at our favorite Vered Hagalil cabin overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We had lunch at Doris, our favorite steak house in Rosh Pina, then checked in the hotel. We enjoyed our newest Christmas tradition – watching “Love Actually,” just a great holiday movie.

We really enjoyed the thunderstorm that crossed Israel last night – it was such a treat to wake ¬†up to hear rain pouring down on the rooftop of our cabin. Here’s another shot of the Sea of Galilee – the light was beautiful and changed repeatedly due to the rain.

Sea of Galilee










The week leading up to the holiday was fun. Last Sunday, my photography class did a walk-about around Rothschild Avenue, photographing historic buildings and other goodies, like this cute puppy sitting outside at a cafe.

Puppy -n- boots














Work was pretty low-key, and we got off early on Friday. We had our annual “stairwell party” at the Embassy, where each floor hosts goodies in the stairwell.

And again, we’ve been enjoying having the kitten down to visit us this week – she is such a doll! Here she is helping John read!

John and Tikka


With Tikka

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