Two tons of stuff

Part of our HHE

The big news this week was that our household effects (HHE) arrived! We spent Wednesday and Friday off from work, unpacking and putting things away. The house is looking great, and it’s so fun to have our own things again. We still have work to do, but everything is coming together. We were very happy to get our “media room” set up so we could finally watch movies again. First on the list was “Atonement” – very good.

I was in Hot Springs last Sunday and got to see a lot of relatives. Pete and Ginger came for lunch on their way home from a wedding in Texas, then several cousins came over – we enjoyed Mom’s back porch and her new patio furniture. Later that afternoon, David and Alison took Mom and me for a wonderful and relaxing boat ride on Lake Hamilton, followed by another relaxing dinner on their deck. I left Monday morning to return to Juarez – it was good to get home to John and the cats.

Thursday night, we listened to an immigration attorney speak – interesting. Friday night, we met a bunch of work folks at Los Bichis, which was a lot of fun. Saturday, John stayed home to organize more of his things and I went shopping in El Paso for the day. All in all, it’s been a good week!

We’re a little concerned this morning, because somehow Flavia has gotten up into the ceiling of the house. We just hope that she can figure out how to get out again, and that there is no way she can get outside. Fingers crossed.

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