To DC!

I left Tel Aviv Friday night and flew to Washington DC to see John – finally, after almost three months! I got in Saturday morning and we’ve just been relaxing around the apartment while I get over jet lag.

It was a busy week leading up to the trip. I stayed late Thursday night at work, making sure that I didn’t leave any loose ends.

I did a really dumb thing on Wednesday night – when I got home from work around 6PM, I realized I had locked myself out of the apartment! As a security measure, our building maintenance doesn’t have keys to our apartments, so I had to wait a couple ¬†of hours until Embassy maintenance could bring me a key. The ironic thing was that I was meeting Rob and Diane that evening to give them my extra key so they can feed Flavie while I’m gone! Luckily Diane entertained me at her apartment until the key arrived.

Friday our office was closed due to the Tel Aviv marathon – they close the streets around the Embassy and hardly anyone can get to work. It’s fun to watch the thousands of runners go by the apartment. I walked up for a manicure, had lunch at the Thai restaurant and then browsed at the crafts market for a while. Around 8:30 PM, the taxi driver arrived and off we went to the airport.

It’s great to be back in DC (a little on the chilly side)!


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