Road tripping

At La Fonda with Wayne

There’s just nothing better than a good margarita on the La Fonda patio in San Antonio! I spent a great Memorial Day weekend with some of my very favorite people!

I flew in Saturday and had a good visit with James and MaryBeth, and Maverick (the biggest and friendliest Golden I’ve ever seen!)┬áLater I caught up with Mike and Wayne, and we spent a lazy afternoon on the patio at La Fonda with margaritas in hand. They indulged me and took me to Los Barrios for lunch on Sunday (love their chimichurri), then we went back to La Fonda for dinner on Sunday evening (you can tell what I like to do in San Antonio: eat!).

I spent Monday with Jim and Joan before I returned to Hot Springs. They are doing great and it was so fun to visit with them! Joan made us a delicious lunch, complete with stuffed grape leaves made from a neighbor’s garden.

Jim and Joan










James, MaryBeth and Maverick












Mike and Wayne
















Earlier in the week, Mom and I had a nice road trip to Mountain Home to have lunch with Pete and Ginger – it’s such a pretty drive up to northern Arkansas. We had a good visit and were delighted to see Ginger’s photos of the two owls they had in their yard recently.

Ginger and Pete










Last Monday I went to Mr. Peters’ funeral. It was a lovely ceremony, and the graveside service with military honors was beautiful. One thing that really struck me was in the procession from the church to the graveside – everyone still pulls over to the side of the road to let the processional pass, even on the highway. One of the big tourist “ducks” (the amphibious trucks) pulled over, too. It’s just nice to see that even today, people still take the time to show such respect.

Here are a few more photos from home leave. Click to see all of my home leave photos.

Tiger, Mom's cat on the back porch

Ginger's Yard

Mookie, Mike and Wayne's dog

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