All good things…

"Woman Supine" Crystal Bridges Museum

This was a really busy week – and fun! It started last Sunday with a bus trip up to Bentonville with a group of Hendrix alumni. We went to the new Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, a gift to the city from Alice Walton. WOW. It was just incredible. The art is wonderful and the building and grounds are even better. I had a wonderful time visiting with Pamela, Rosemary (drama professor) and my former Dillard’s manager Beth S. After touring the museum and grounds, we had a lovely reception on the outdoor landing. Just a really fun day!

With Rosemary, my drama coach at Hendrix











Tuesday evening, Alison invited me for a sunset cruise around Lake Hamilton on the party barge. It was a beautiful evening and we had a great time visiting, drinking a glass of wine and eating dinner on the boat. We topped it off with delicious desserts from Josh’s restaurant, Java Primo – carrot cake and coconut pie to die for.

Alison on Lake Hamilton











I had my last appointments with the dentist, the podiatrist and the dermatologist – whew! I also ran by to see my favorite optometrist, Neill Clem. The doctors in Hot Springs are all really good and their staffs are really accommodating.

Saturday morning, I packed up my bags – all good things must come to an end, I guess. Boy, Flavia did not want to leave Mom’s house. She just wailed when I put her in her carrier – much more than normal. She really had a great time at Mom’s – she played and meowed and was generally right at home (unusual for her). She was really not happy to leave! But I can’t imagine not having her with me for the next two years, so she came with me.

We checked into the Embassy Suites (coincidentally, the very same hotel where John and I rescued Flavie eight years ago!) so I could go to my last event for home leave, and it was great!

My good friend Kelley threw a HUGE party at the hotel to celebrate her five year anniversary of surviving pancreatic cancer (survival rate: 6%). It was fantastic! I went to college and worked with her sister Kathy at RDS, and I worked with Kelley at Dillards, AND played golf with both Kelley and Kathy, so there were tons of people at the party who I know. It was so fun! There were at least two hundred people there (if not more), food, drinks, and a band. I was hoarse from talking by the end of the evening! Loved it!

With Kelley and Kathy









RDS Girls











After grabbing a couple of hours of sleep, Flavie and I were at the airport to catch our 6AM flight to DC. We got checked into Oakwood Apartments in Crystal City, then I walked over to the grocery store to get some basics, ate and took a nap – ready for class tomorrow! The next phase has begun!


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