Week One – check!

Flavie on her new cat tree

I’ve made it through Week One, and think I’m finally over jet lag. They say it takes a day for every time zone you cross, so nine days should have done it.

Flavie seems to be doing just fine. This is a photo of her on her new cat tree. She really likes the staircase, so we put it on the landing at the top of the stairs.

We had a couple of social outings this week. Last Sunday, we went to a welcome brunch hosted by consular co-workers. It was nice to be able to visit with folks and get to know them better outside of work.

Monday night, we went to Trivia Night, where our team came in 2nd (no thanks to me!). It was a lot of fun.

Friday night, we drove in a torrential downpour and traffic jam to the Marriott Hotel for a birthday dinner at the Marriott’s Japanese restaurant. The folks there were primarily John’s buddies from his area, and they are really nice and fun to be around. (This is the same group of folks that we usually eat lunch with at the American Club each day.)

Otherwise, we just came home and relaxed after work. We’ve gotten hooked on the Danish version of a TV series, “The Killing.” It’s excellent!

Yesterday, we went to the office for a few hours. During the week, I interviewed non-immigrant visa (NIV) applicants each morning so I could get to know our applicant pool, so I had gotten behind on some supervisory tasks (for example, each day, I’m supposed to review a sampling of adjudications from the NIV staff). I got caught up, and hopefully will be able to stay on top of things from here on out. There’s a lot to do, but the staff (both FSOs and locals) are really good and conscientious, which makes my job a lot easier.

The rain from Friday night continued into Saturday, so we had a very welcome relief from the heat yesterday. I took advantage of cooler temps in the kitchen to organize some of the cabinets and put up my kitchen decorations, so it feels a lot more homey now.

With any luck, we’ll have more rain today – we can always hope!




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