Short week

Old Hot Springs Postcard

This was a ¬†short week for us – Monday was the American holiday for Martin Luther King Day and Friday was the Pakistani holiday for the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). John and I celebrated MLK Day by going to play board games at Brett’s house, along with Antonio. We played “Pandemic” and “Settlers of Catan.” These strategy board games are new to me, but I did enjoy them. John and Scott have really been getting into them.

Friday, I went to work to get my desk cleaned off and John continued his board game mania by playing an all day round of “Diplomacy” (another game) with some of the guys from work. He had a big time! That evening, we went to Joseph’s house for a great Tex-Mex dinner, with delicious carne asada and margaritas.

In between the two holiday, we crammed five days of work into three days. My section is returning to normal with two employees back from their R&Rs, so for about a week we will be fully staffed.

Last Sunday, we pampered ourselves at the local spa, then went over to Konstantin’s for a roof-top pizza party. His lovely wife Carolyn (an A100 classmate of ours) was here visiting, and she brought their two dogs with her. The dogs will stay, and she’ll return to take up her post here in a month or two.

Wednesday I had lunch with my friend Barbara from the German Embassy. We had a good time yakking.

Yesterday John and I were pooped. We ¬†stayed home all day and had a “Justified”-fest. We’ve really been enjoying the series. (Since it takes place in Kentucky, I bought some bourbon to sip on while we watch!) We’ve also enjoyed watching our college friend Bill Ragsdale in his recurring role in the show.

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