More rain

Snapdragons along driveway

It started raining last night, along with thunder and lightening – everytime I think it’s going to stop, I hear a new round of thunder! It’s  really been a wet spring.

Yesterday we took advantage of the cloud cover and cooler temps. Nathan drove Kellee, Aryani, Laura and me around town shopping. This week’s focus was fabric. I found several yards of lovely linen at what I hope was a good price – orange, soft yellow, mushroom and khaki. My plan is to have a tailor come over and stitch up some summer pants, tops and dresses for me.

One nice thing about Pakistan is that lots of folks will come to your home to do things like tailoring. Also, yesterday, a mechanic (who also works at the Embassy) came over in the morning and took my car; fixed a bunch of things and brought it back last night. Much nicer than going to the shop!

This was a very busy week. One of the NIV staff was out unexpectedly most of the week, so that meant I had to be on the interview line…which meant I didn’t get a lot of other stuff done. My plan is to go into the office today and work on EERs and get caught up. I just didn’t have the energy to do it after shopping yesterday – instead, John and I watched two movies. “Robot and Frank” and “The Words.” I really needed some down time.

We did end the week with a nice French Club lunch: John, Scott, Laura, Nathan, Kellee and Kate. We sat outside by the pool and enjoyed the weather and  a glass of wine. A much needed end to a rather stressful week!

The roses are budding!


Roses, snapdragons and and pansies


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