Happy 4th!

Most Embassies and Consulates around the world have some sort of a party for the 4th – I remember going to at least one party at the Ambassador’s residence back in Costa Rica. Our Consul General hosted a party Thursday night for friends of the Consulate here in Juarez. Lots of local dignitaries and some good carne asada to eat. It’s mostly a working event for officers, but it was fun nonetheless.

We continued on the party train with a cookout at our friend Silvio’s on the 4th, and a get-together last night to play games with some friends at Mark and Michele’s house. We’re headed out in a bit for another cookout – John’s boning up on a magic trick to do for the kids. (Meanwhile, I’m engrossed in the Nadal – Federer Wimbledon championship game.)

I was happy last Sunday afternoon to see Ellen Saad (my friend Bruce’s mom who lives here in El Paso). We had a quick visit over a Coke before her bridge game. I look forward to seeing her again.

On Monday night, we hosted John’s first bookclub meeting to discuss Joseph Nye’s “Soft Power.” It was fun and John was definitely in his element.

On the work front, John joined me overĀ in the Immigrant Visa section. He passed off duty officer responsibilities to me – luckily nothing too exciting has happened so far. Fingers crossed.

John also tackled the yard this morning with more grass seed and top soil. We’re determined to have something other than dirt!

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