Game on!

John and I have become recent fans of the board game “Settlers of Catan” – we learned to play from our friends Scott and Laura. Last Sunday afternoon they came over to play, and again yesterday with Michael and another friend. It was a lot of fun to have good friends around the table. After the last game, we still sat and yakked for several hours until well after dark – very pleasant.

Saturday started off well, too. After a few hours at the office, I met the gaming crew at a little restaurant for lunch. We had not been there before, but had read good reviews. It’s in an Indian lady’s house – aside from one helper, she does all of the cooking herself. She has four tables in a small room, then several more tables outside in the garden. We all tried different things, and it was all delish!

Laura and I then went to a house sale, where several vendors set up in a house to show their wares. There were really neat tapestry handbags that are hand stitched by a women’s coop – very lovely (and expensive!).

The rest of the week was just busy with work. Monday night I had a good visit on the phone with my friend Pam in DC. Tuesday I ventured back into the gym after a too-long hiatus. The weather is really heating up, but my lunch gang and I are still enjoying the patio under an umbrella – not sure how much longer we can do that, but it’s just so nice to get some fresh air. I finished up the week with happy hour with the visa staff. A good week!


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