Running around

Truck art at stop light

There’s still a lot going on around here. The heat doesn’t make it very comfortable to be outside, but there’s not much to be done about it!

Last Sunday I went to a vendor sale at Ed and Catherine’s. They had a tailor there, so he took measurements to make me a couple of sleeveless shift dresses – I am anxiously awaiting them! I picked a nice lightweight fabric which should be cool. Then I swung by and picked up a friend, and we hit a few stores and tailor shops. By the time I got home, I was pooped! I settled into a chair and yakked on the phone with my good friend Cathy in Bangladesh – great to chat with her.

The early part of the week wasn’t that busy. Michael and I were actually able to sit on the patio for lunch on Monday, thanks to a good cloud cover that made the heat bearable. Wednesday I went after work for a massage and to have my nails done. Nice way to end a busy day!

One of my favorite co-workers in the visa section, Antonio, is leaving this weekend, so Thursday marked the beginning of goodbye parties for him. The local staff had a Pakistani lunch for him on Thursday. Friday he, Brett and I went to lunch “off campus.” And Saturday we had a bigger lunch at a local restaurant – lots of fun. It was a nice send-off but we’ll miss him! Here’s a photo.

With Brett and Antonio












Friday night after work, Carolyn and Kellee and I went to a fun art show at a woman’s home. The artist does neat pottery, including cool lamps, bowls, sculpture, etc. Afterward, we met the guys back at our house for drinks and pizza, with mango pie and ice cream for dessert. We had a blast!

Saturday before Antonio’s luncheon, I went to the office for a while to get some things done. After lunch, Rick and I ran around – he’s making his last visits to tailors to pick up suits and shirts before he leaves. Then the three of us picked up a new arrival, Joe, and we all went out for a nice Thai food dinner.

Flavie is enjoying the marble floors in the heat. We can’t run our air conditioners all the time (we have to run on generator power about half the day), so the house stays pretty hot, especially upstairs. We’ve started calling her “Flop-Down Flavie” because she sort of splays out on the cool marble – or she rolls over on her back. So cute!

Here are a couple of photos from the dinner party at Ed and Catherine’s last week.

With Barbara and Catherine

John with Venus, the Italian Greyhound



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