Loving San Diego

We really had a great time visiting Huey and Suzanne (and the doggies!) in San Diego last weekend! They were such wonderful hosts. Last Monday I started the day with a nice walk, followed by a manicure/pedicure, then we drove to Encinitas for lunch and a walk through a gorgeous garden overlooking the ocean. We topped off our visit with a wonderful meal on the beach at sunset – perfect! Click here to see a couple more photos.

We returned to Ciudad Juarez on Tuesday. It was a busy week because we sponsored a newly arrived officer, so we spent some time getting him settled in his new house, taking him to work and making introductions, etc. It’s hard to believe that after only 6 months here, we’re considered old hands, more or less!

Thursday night we went to the Consul General’s house to meet some of our Mexican Foreign Service counterparts, who work at the Mexican Consulate in El Paso.

We had a yummy Mexican dinner on Friday night with our neighbors Lara and Ryan. Lara is originally from Chiapas, Mexico, and is a great cook.

Yesterday was a nice break for us – we spent the whole day relaxing and had a movie-fest. We watched one really good movie, “In Bruges,” plus “The Story of the Weeping Camel,” a National Geographic documentary-ish movie about a camel and a family in Mongolia. Sounds odd, but we enjoyed it. Then we watched “Border Town,” about the Juarez femicides. (You’ll be happy to know that Jennifer Lopez solved the mystery!)

Here’s a photo with Huey and Suzanne’s doggies.


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