Go bowling – why not?

John and I went bowling together for the first time yesterday and had a blast. It was an organized Consulate event, and we had about 45 people – lots of fun, but we are sore today! The name of the bowling alley here is “Bol Bol,” appropriately enough. (I wished I had had my thrift store bowling shirt that I wore throughout college that had the slogan above on it.)

We did several things with the TDYers this week. Last Sunday, Cathy and I went to lunch in El Paso, then shopped at the outlet mall. Mid-week, we went to dinner at Frida’s (where we were happy to see more fellow diners than during our previous visit – maybe due to the fact that the parking lot guards are now armed?), and then wrapped up Friday afternoon with an early dinner with them at Los Bichis before the (yawn) presidential debate.

We also had an impromptu neighborhood happy hour at our house last Sunday night to welcome our newest addition, Meghan. She’s quite fun and interesting, and we look forward to having her in the ‘hood.

John and I watched several episodes of “The Wire” this week and liked it. We have the next set of episodes in our Netflix queue.

I spent an inordinate amount of time this weekend looking for our camera (including going through the dirty clothes hamper at 2AM this morning). It seemed to have disappeared into thin air, but I finally found it in a drawer with some blouses I had unpacked after my trip to Hot Springs. I was just glad it wasn’t in the refrigerator…where I found the ClingWrap a few weeks ago.

The weather here is fabulous right now – John and I had our coffee outside this morning and it was almost chilly. (Speaking of, he is roasting really incredible coffee, and I am totally dependent on his lattes every day!) The only sad thing about the change in the weather is that it looks like the hummingbirds have gone south – we haven’t seen any in a couple of days. We really enjoyed their near-constant company this summer.

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