We are dogless now after two months of having a puppy around the house. Flavia is happy! She can finally eat on the floor again and not in her cat tree. She’s back to sleeping in her favorite spot, and has come downstairs to sit with me on the sofa again. She was a real sport! We were really sad to see Coco go – her mom came to pick her up Monday night – I missed meeting her, which was a shame. I was staying late to try to get an emergency visa out for a medical case.

Thursday after work we went to the Club for a going-away party for our A-100 classmate and friend Joe. Hard to believe he’s been here for a year. We had another going-away party last night for Tom – a nice night for a party under the stars with good friends. The weather here is fabulous now, although we awoke to lots of rain and thunder this morning, but it turned into a beautiful day.

We continue to study Spanish in our free time – which for me wasn’t much until today. We went for massages early in the day, then have spent most of the day studying. John is especially doing well, of course, and is reading books in Spanish in addition to his lessons. I’ll be glad when this is over!



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