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John at the Redondo Beach Pier

We had a great time visiting Aunt Bonnie and Kohlie in California last weekend. We flew home on Monday, and luckily had Tuesday off from work. That gave us time for “re-entry,” as John calls it – i.e., time to relax, get caught up and visit with Flavia.

We watched a couple more episodes of “The Wire” this week, plus the “Sex & the City” movie finally arrived from Netflix.

It was a short, but busy, week at work. I was responsible for the logistics of a visiting computer guy, so I went to the airport on Wednesday to get him and have worked with him over the weekend doing helping him do some testing. (So much for a 3-day weekend…oh well.) I got to visit the new Consulate building – wow – it’s really big. John’s been working out there a lot and had been telling me about it, but it was pretty amazing to see. We’re scheduled to move next month.

On the social front, we had dinner out with the (new) visiting TDYers on Thursday night, then went to a surprise going-away dinner for a friend on Friday night who’s moving to Africa.

 With Kohlie

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